Some of the things that cause blocked drains are excessive paper tissues, wipes, sanitary products, and tree roots growing into the pipe and limescale in the waste pipes, etc.

If your drains are producing unpleasant smells, if your drains are slow to drain after use or the water level in your toilet is low when flushed the chances are you have a blocked drain. Showers indicate the first signs of a blocked drain due to the drain being the lowest level of drainage.

Recurring blockages, also it is required if you want to internally examine the pipes and to accurately locate any problems in the drainage to make sure there are no breaks or cracks in pipework drainage so the issue can be resolved promptly.

As your home ages blockages may become an ongoing issue. Let Majestic Plumbing tailor a maintenance schedule to suit you and your property.

Turn off the gas meter, then call us right away. Only an expert and licensed gas fitter can repair the gas leak.

Yes, our plumbers are licensed gas fitters. Operating for over 35 years, at Majestic Plumbing we ensure that all our staff have the appropriate training for all work carried out.

Go to the water main turn off the valve to the water supply to your house, then call us immediately to organise a plumber coming out so solve the problem. If there’s damage, you may need to call your insurance company as well.

It is either one of the relief valves needs replacing or the internal tank has ruptured. Repairing leaks on pipes and fitting can be easily repaired however a larger leak within the tank will require a full replacement of the unit itself.

Storage hot water units require to be set above 60°C for the elimination of legionnaires disease. This should be reduced to 50°C via a tempering valve for bathrooms and other plumbing fixtures, kitchens and laundry troughs can be excluded. The best temperature we would recommend would be 50°C, this will not be hot enough to cause serious burns. Late model instantaneous hot water systems can be pre-set at 50°C.  For aged, disabled care etc the requirement is 43°C.

Hot water systems can be instantaneous or storage units and either electricity, gas, or solar energy. Electric water heaters are a cheaper up-front cost but can have higher operating costs. Whereas a gas hot water heater is more expensive but has the best energy rating and consistency overall.


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